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20 Easy Steps To Installing a Deadbolt Lock

Installing a Deadbolt

Place lock barrel through opening in edge of door so that lock protrudes out in locked position with the lock itself sticking out of the door.

Place the outside key portion into the opening on the outer side of the door so that the metal trigger slips through the cross-styled opening.

Place the inner lock switch on the inside of the door so that the trigger of the other half slips into the matching opening on the inside portion.

Place one screw in the outermost opening of the inside half so that the two screw openings are parallel to the ground.

Holding the outer half firmly, gently pull it out of the door until you can see about 1 to 2 cms between the lock and the door.

Make sure to maintain the connection between the two halves (the trigger and the opening for it).

Holding the outer half in place, use your other hand to push the screw through the door, using your leg to hold the door in place.

Connect the screw to the matching opening on the outer half …

5 Steps to Extreme Inner Peace

Extreme Inner Peace by Chen Dushek When it comes to Zen Toaism, the middle way dictates that any extreme, even those, wait, especially those involving inner alchemy, is not the right path.

The right path is the path of least effort and least resistance. Too little effort yields much resistance, especially from nagging parents. Too much effort yields very little resistance, but wears down the soul to the point of exhaustion, making it impossible to focus on acts of kindness. But the path that is both the least effort and at the same time also the least resistance is the first step in the right direction.

To attain a state of tranquility, one has only to dwell in the present moment, forgetting past and disregarding future. What might happen or what did happen often bind us to our emotions, preventing us from breathing freely. This leads to a person testing some form of extreme to defy the clutches of death and prove himself once more immortal, but that is not the answer. We all have …

How to Measure Strength

Measuring Strength Introduction Strength is an undefined concept that lacks concrete and tangible variables that can relate to real world application. Tensil strength or resistance seem to come close to defining the essence of strength, but they fail at capturing the meaning as it is used in common languages.

Breaking Down Strength Strength can be broken down to the amount of muscle mass on the body proportional to the rest of the weight of the body. So then how do you determine the weight of muscle versus the weight of everything else on the body. Surprisingly, most people we perceive to be overweight or portly actually have a large amount of muscle mass on their skeletal structure. The layer of soft fat on top of the muscle deceives us into thinking they are that way all the way through to the bone, but for the most part, large people are primarily layered with muscle fibers, not fat.

Removing Fat Thus, the amount of fat weighing down a person can be considered negligible relative…

Walking Peacefully with the Buddha

Walking Peacefully with Sid Sid walked peacefully under the clouds. His mind clearing away toxic thoughts as the clouds dissipated at a complementary speed, matching the speed at which his thoughts were clearing.

Eventually, all the clouds had disappeared, and Sid found a form of inner peace attained from achieving empty mind.

In that moment, Sid knew he could never be spiritually liberated while being physically shackled by the temptations of every luxury a man could ask for, which was his burden since birth.

Sid was born a prince, but he wasn't born with desires for worldly treasures; those attributes were learned by him from his relatives, especially his father, and as he was groomed to be the prince and soon after, the next king.

It was expected for Sid to grow up never wanting for anything. Every possible craving was anticipated and addressed before Sid could ever know to ask for it.

There was a pleasantness about him that one could only achieve after indulging ever…

Zen Puppy

Training Puppies The first rule on owning a new puppy is simple ABCs: Always Be Carrying treats. Have a small bag of dried meat on your person at all times (except when sleeping, but then still close by).

Next important rule is never let a puppy sleep in your bed, no matter how cute. Mattresses resemble weewee pads to puppies and the list of reasons to follow this rule is endless. If you feel bad, just remember in a few years, the bed will belong to your dog eventually.

With those two major points established, we can begin learning how to communicate with our new friend.
Yes and No A top priority should be to quickly teach our pet the words yes and no. Unfortunately, dogs don't speak English and can bear a great deal of pain with a grin and little else. This means our two primary  methods of teaching are ineffective.
Hitting or beating a dog while saying No will not be interpreted the same way a human child would. Dogs see this behavior as a playful contest and the goal of teachi…

Zazen Breathing

Zazen Breath Do you breath through your diaphragm? We do when we sleep. If when you inhale, your chest rises, then that is the opposite of healthy breathing.

With a single inhale, allow the stomach to expand outward with the chest and shoulders perfectly still.

With the following exhale, pull the stomach in so that the air coming out comes from the bottom of the lungs.

That is how you re-energize when you sleep. That is why Buddhist monks require less sleep. They are breathing correctly.

Trying Zazen BreathingTry it.
If done right, you will lose your breath after a few tries.
That's normal.
Stop and start again.
It gets easier with practice. So continue practicing until it comes effortlessly.

Eternal Unspoken

Eternal Unspoken Speaking of the unspoken, there is an eternal (in that it is not bound by the dimension of time) energy that binds us while we are alive. When life extinguishes, the interdependent relationship with the eternal energy is severed.
Eternal Energy and the Path This energy surrounds us and revitalizes us when we are on the eightfold path. And those off the path deny their own energy into a form of remission; the energy surrounding them binds them into the great cycle of karma, where everything is balanced back to a neutral status. Karma is based on action alone, not the intention, nor the thoughts, nor the talk surrounding actions.
Karmic Reach A wrapper you toss in the garbage flies away off the top a few moments later when nobody's watching as a strong gust of wind rises to the occasion, and the item lands in the water of the regional bay a few feet below the garbage can.

That wrapper manages to get pulled under by a rip current days later and a few years later, m…

Inner Alchemy In Meditation

Meditation and Inner Alchemy In meditation there is alchemy, thus in zen there is Taoism. Focusing on a single thought before emptying the mind of all thoughts brings that single thought into the present moment.

A Single Thought and Inner Alchemy As the mind remains clear in Buddha-mind, there is zen stillness, yet alchemy propels health and happiness with that single thought as its guidance.
Thoughts and Inner AlchemyNegative thoughts preceding the Buddha-mind serve to cause confusion and chaos, leading to poor meditation.

Positive thoughts preceding Buddha-mind serve to cause desires and cravings, leading to poor meditation.

A single thought of nothingness preceding Buddha-mind propels zen into the present moment continuously as the mind remains still and free of attachment.
Happiness and Inner Alchemy To be happy with nothing is not in human nature. Thus to achieve stillness of mind and thoughts of nothingness, though only the thought is required, leads many to shed attachment…

Zen Breathing

Zen Breathing Breathing may seem like a fundamental function that requires no attention, but proper breathing takes training and practice. The difference between yogic breathing and what you are doing now is a difference that can add up to a decade more of longevity to your lifespan.
Preparation for Zen Breathing The art behind meditation can be rewarding, providing the dedicated pupil with a soothing, restful, and energizing, but also calming, feelings with more and more practice.

That is the secret for which there is no shortcut in this philosophical exploration.

Being a Zen Master, means mastering meditation. It all begins when a new set of ears stumble upon the confusingly simple-sounding task of staring at a point on the wall or counting beads in your palm.

Of course, once you begin your first steps down the path that leads to the attainment of your personally-invented enlightenment, a product directly correlated in value to the amount of dedication administered along the eightf…